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Best tantrik astrologer in tbilisi georgia


According to Best tantrik astrologer in tbilisi Georgia the position of the Midheaven is influenced both by the sign it occupies and by the planets found in House X. Sometimes, there are no planets in that location, so a good advice is to examine the planets present in the House. IX.

House IX (goals, philosophy of life, trips abroad) is seen as the promoter of what happens in House X and the beliefs that develop there. Remember, that the twelve astral houses form a system, the elements of which maintain constant interaction with each other. See the houses at

However, the greatest energy in the Midheaven comes from the zodiac sign that governs it. That is why we present below some of its characteristics.


Self-confidence and extroversion are Best tantrik astrologer in tbilisi Georgia main tools; however you must learn to be consistent with your projects, let go of your ego and impulsiveness and learn to balance yourself.

Favorable careers that involve movement, individual action, and testing your leadership skills are favorable to you.

An example of this is the fields of sports, the army, mechanics, motor racing and art direction, among others.


Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala says that his perseverance and determination help him achieve his goals. Stubbornness and material attachment can be limiting.

Take note of your gifts, resources and abilities and how to exploit them. They resist adversity and seek security and stability for themselves and their own.

They are favorable professional careers that allow them to manifest beauty, and practicality, such as agriculture, sculpture, architecture, agronomy, painting and finance.


According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala they have great communication skills. Avoid superficiality, guilt, and get involved in gossip and misunderstanding.

Flexible, analytical, responsive, agile, versatile, adaptable, highly observable, they can handle several tasks at once, without problems. Learn more about it at Professional careers linked to the processes of communication and contact with society are favorable to him, such as journalism, commerce, diplomacy and education.

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