BLACKMAGIC vs Indian Tantra ( Hinduism )


The concept of Black magic really is not Indian/Hinduism tantra practice .Black magic, voodoo, etc. are the part of Satanism that means this is the part of devil worship. especially Satanism is an Islamic and Christian concept. These believers think that the bad, evil, etc.. negative results are caused by Satan. But in Hinduism, there is no existence of different power source without god. According to Hindu philosophy, all type of beings, powers ( viz- Satan, Demon, Devil, Giant, Rakshash or Asura, etc) are originated or created by the same GOD. So the power source can not be different from god source. but, there are 2 ways of practices in Hindu tantra.. One is left side and second is right side. And we can compare slightly with black magic arrangements between Indian left tantra practice ( generally used on aghor tantra or aghori ) . To spoil others, to attack others, are also in Indian tantra as MARANA, UCHCHHATANA, VIDWESHANA ETC. Being a western, European arts, the black magic is most published by internet. really our MARANA, UCHCHHATANA, VIDWESHANA ETC Indian/Hindu tantra is not weak than black magic. Human needs solution from his problem, Power, energy, force have no caste, religion. Power is not Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. viz- we can find fire from gas, petrol, kerosene even wood. Here the media may be different but the expected result – fire is the same. so black magic or white magic, or any other media as left Marg, right Marg, is not main matter, an efficient practitioner can select which way will be suitable for you



Since birth to death , every man , woman even superman are suffered by their EVIL planets and stars. Any human beings , who born on this earth , they must be regulated by planets and stars .Nobody can be spared from the effect of evil planets,because every man’s fate has been registered since the moment of birth. So it is not curse of any God or Goddess for your miss-fortune ,so this is very important to study planets and stars for our lives’ planning.We cannot stop the rainy day but we can protect us against evil effects of the rainy day.Of course, we can get advance information about our lives by the grace of Vedic Astrology.Our personal lives, Business, Studies etc. are can be rectified or developed with applying horoscope judgment – (will be continued )

Tantra and Will force


Tantra has varieties meanings according to varieties view. Tantra is a system of worship activities. When we pray to invisible God (Nirguna Bhrambha ) , that means when, Atma (Soul) prayer to Paramatma (Supreme soul) then Tantra is hidden here but when we pray or worship to bhagawan or ishwar with any products or things or flowers/leaves/fruit then the activities are called Tantra.Here Tantra is a connector for human beings to get God. Shortly we can say that Tantra is a saguna (idol-type) worship, that is when we use flowers and other elements to adore to God as a media between human beings and supreme beings then we can say Tantra to it. We use Varieties Tantra to fill up our varsities desires. So Tantra is not only adoration to Goddess-kali and Tantrik is not only the worshiper of kali or shokti (Goddess ). Many person do not feel the achievement of tantra, puja,havan, etc , etc they think that all are performed by willforce . All person have will force , but willforce of all person is not arisen perfectly , we need to arise our will force through Tantra activity. The universe and our body is built by 5 fundamental materials 1)-FIRE 2)-WATER 3)-WIND 4)-SPACE 5)-SOIL. There is a connection our bodies elements with universe elements.Actually the tantra is performed by this science.And this is the easiest system (TANTRA ) of rising will force. Tantra depends on Material.Example- Wood,Ghee, bel leaves, betel leaves, fire ,etc. WILL means shiva and FORCE means power. On the other hand, WILL means wish FORCE means capacity . Generally, wish ( sadh ) and capacity ( sadhya ) do not stand on the same place,when we feel need to fill up our desire then we conjunct them(shiva and parvati). Actually a new creation is caused by the chemistry of shiva(WISH) with parvati ( POWER ). If we want to fill up our desire then we need the cohabitation/assimilation of shiva with shokti (power ). And thus way we can gain our result. So Tantra has a great achievement to arise our will force.Should not think to tantra as a TRICK OR MAGIC OR FRAUDERY ACTIVITIES , If you perform tantra perfectly then you will get desired result through certainly.If we do not believe in us then we can not believe in God.Human being is soul and God is super soul.Soul has a strong connection with super soul . If soul says” NO ” then Super soul want to say ” NO” also.So,We need strong confidence on us to get expected feedback.

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