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Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Mau

Moon in GEMINI

You get angry easily and tend to fickle. You like having lots of friends since you are very sociable and being the center of attention since you are comfortable anywhere.

Reading and studying, enriching yourself intellectually, Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Mau stimulates you as you have within you a teacher eager to share his knowledge. Deep down what you are looking for is helping others. In love you are attracted to people just like you who share your interests and passions. Check it out at

Moon in CANCER                   

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala, they are endowed with great memory and sensitivity. This is a very maternal moon that loves the childish world is dreamy and vulnerable. You should relax to control stress and a certain nostalgia that invades you in seasons. Intuitive and creative you have many hobbies and you like your home and the tranquility that it brings you.

You are attracted to people with a childish, sweet and sensitive character that make you see the world a little rosy. Know more on

Luna in LEO

The most noble moon in the zodiac and the one that most impresses its surroundings. You like to be recognized and admired and your natural charm makes everyone notice you. According to Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Mau, You have charisma and you like to help others even if you are sometimes hurt. You can be very altruistic and dedicate your life or part of it to a charity or an NGO.

Moon in VIRGO

Very demanding of yourself, you are at the same time modest and reserved. You like order and cleanliness says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. You are much disciplined and take care of yourself at all times. This moon makes you a little anxious so the practice of meditation or Yoga would help you avoid excessive stress. In your home there is a place for everything and everything must be immaculate so that you feel comfortable.

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