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In a natal chart, the Midheaven (MC) corresponds to the intersection between the meridian and the ecliptic, in simple terms it refers to the specific point that represents the apex of House X. House X, ruled by Capricorn, corresponds to the areas of public life, social status, ambitions, vocation, professional career, recognition, personal fulfilment and relationship with authority.

Hence the importance of studying the location of the Midheaven, in the natal charts by Best tantrik in park street, to offer guidance on a profession and favourable work activities, more in line with the individual’s goals.

The position of the Midheaven is obtained thanks to the time of birth, one of the fundamental data that you must provide when going to an astrological consultation, as well as the exact date and location.

Best Aghori tantrik astrologer in park street identify the Midheaven with the Ego Consciousness, understanding the Ego as the limit between the internal reality and the external experience of each one. Integrating these two aspects constitutes the true challenge of Medio Cielo , to achieve personal development, in addition to learning to overcome negative beliefs and limitations, which are present in the X house.

The Medio Cielo indicates how the subject wants to leave his mark or impact the world, how he can achieve success, what the potential he has for it is, and how he creates his public image. According to Best tantrik in park street  the public image is different from the essence of the individual, and largely reflects the society in which he lives or where he built his personality. The position of the Midheaven is influenced both by the sign it occupies and by the planets found in House X. Sometimes, there are no planets in that location, so a good advice by Best Aghori tantrik astrologer in park street is to examine the planets present in the House IX.

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