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Best tantrik astrologer in GEORGETOWN GUYANA

Planners and protectors, they must work on their emotions and the balance between responsibility with themselves and with their environment. Know about the midheaven at

Individualistic, sensitive, firm and intuitive. Another point to keep in mind is to practice fluency in your daily life.

Professional careers that help channel care to others, such as psychology, gynecology, cooking, and psychotherapy, are favorable to you says Best tantrik astrologer in GEORGETOWN GUYANA.


According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala he chases success relentlessly, and sometimes he doesn’t allow himself to enjoy it. Avoid being a tyrant with yourself or others.

He has clear objectives and the perseverance and tenacity necessary to achieve them. Noble, generous, motivating, trustworthy, with leadership skills; you must learn to control arrogance.

Highly autonomous professional careers are favorable, such as political positions, business management and dramaturgy.


He maintains a constant and methodical effort to achieve his goals, but he can enslave himself in pursuit of them and become obsessed with perfection says Best tantrik astrologer in GEORGETOWN GUYANA.

Critical, detailed, positive, orderly, innovative and willing to learn. They must avoid neurosis and the accumulation of objects.

A collaborative career with an in-depth understanding of mechanics, language, nutrition, crafts, etc. will benefit you. For more information on virgo, please visit


Plan and show your strategy calmly, taking care of details and feasibility. Sociable, adaptable and diplomatic, they like harmony.

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala you must cultivate confidence in your own judgment to avoid indecision and lack of sincerity, which can put pressure on you when you want to please others.

Favorable professional careers that offer variety and where they can comfortably develop their sense of justice and balance, a classic example is the study of the legal profession, or diplomacy, public relations and arts.

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