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Best tantrik astrologer in BUDAPEST HUNGARY

A bit of history: from tarot to personal coaching

Obviously, in the times of the origin of this discipline, an astrology consultation as Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala know it today was not conceived. The ancient oracles were content to make predictions about future events based on their knowledge, coupled with a certain mystical intuition. There was no will in these acts other than to announce fortunes or calamities that were approaching, without taking part. Know the history of astrology at

Things changed over time. And, of course, those who approached the guardians of this knowledge based on astrology consultations did not seek to know the future in a general and often cryptic way: they wanted to be explained to them what was going to happen to them if … , both for good and for bad, how to act on it. They wanted a spirit guide says Best tantrik astrologer in BUDAPEST HUNGARY.

It is then when esoteric arts begin to gain importance that, always with a very solid base in classical astrology, focus on the details of the individual : practices like palmistry or tarot flourish in the West, which would be perfected for centuries until reaching the that they are today.

And it is that in this field the concerns of ordinary mortals are the same since the dawn of humanity: what will happen to me and what can I do to succeed. What the experts like Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala in astrology consultations warn thanks to their gifts and knowledge, on the contrary, tends to be more related to how you are and what your evolution will be if something does not change in your life. It is then when his facet as interpreter of what he perceives and as a guide, as a counselor, as what we would call personal coach today at, becomes truly relevant. An astrological consultation with Best tantrik astrologer in BUDAPEST HUNGARY is of much greater importance than is often accorded to it. But you have to go prepared: often you will be required data , mainly dates, regarding the birth of people, marriages, the foundation of companies.

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