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Best tantrik astrologer in TRIPOLI LIBYA

Astrology is popular and, undoubtedly, occupies an important place in our minds. At the same time, there are people who adhere to polar positions in relation to this phenomenon: someone faithfully believes in astrology, someone refutes it no less violently.

The procedure for making astrological forecasts at is associated with rather complex mathematical constructions.

What is the meaning of astrology?

In short, it comes down to the following. According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala the sun, moon and planets of the solar system move noticeably across the sky against the background of some constellations, which are traditionally called zodiacal.

 At the same time, some planets move against the background of stars in a complex way, changing the “direct” direction of motion to the “reverse” one and thus describing peculiar loops at

 From day to day, the displacements of the planets are small, but over the weeks and months the movements of some of them become significant and quite noticeable.

The idea of ​​astrology is that the position of the planets, the Sun and the Moon relative to specific constellations at the time of the birth of a person affects his fate. Therefore, analyzing the location of the bodies at the right time, Best tantrik astrologer in TRIPOLI LIBYA can say a lot about a person, including his character, inclinations, predisposition to certain diseases, etc.

Moreover, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala can say about the most probable turns of his fate throughout his life. It is believed that each planet, being on the background of a particular constellation, affects fate in a very definite way. The total impact of all the planets in question gives a certain result that can be calculated by Best tantrik astrologer in TRIPOLI LIBYA. As for the algorithm for analyzing the location of the bodies, it appeared a very long time ago and has not fundamentally changed over the past two thousand years.

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