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Best tantrik astrologer in LOMÉ TOGO

Moon therapy

The moon shining in the night sky looked very beautiful, and the 15th of this year. He was pleased did you know that women and moon have a message that they can give to their body and mind. Best tantrik astrologer in LOMÉ TOGO knows that the full moon and new moon will hit the tide. The vast amount of seawater on earth is affected so much, so he cannot be affected, as 70% of him, bodies are made up of water.

 There is data that natural disasters and accidents tend to occur when celestial bodies are aligned. It has also been proven that crime and accident rates increase on the day of the full moon. On the day of the full moon, living creatures are affected, such as sea turtles laying eggs. Learn about full moon at

 And above all, it is often heard that the rhythm of the moon influences women’s menstruation and childbirth, so there are many births on a full moon day says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. It makes sense to call menstruation as menstruation. The phases of the moon are a sign of new changes. When your body synchronizes with the rhythm of the moon, your physiology will come into the full moon or new moon. Once again, you realize that the female body is lovely.

The new moon is the day when everything starts anew. It is a cycle of detoxification and purification says Best tantrik astrologer in LOMÉ TOGO. Aromatherapy is recommended with Juniper’s essential oil. On the day of the full moon, the decision to the new moon will be reflected in the form. Physically, the absorption will be the strongest, so let’s restrain it and spend it. According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala it is a delicate cycle to control appetite and emotions of desire, and it is better not to wear red colour. It’s very nice that a woman can be reborn every month according to the rhythm of the moon. Please do the moon therapy by bathing in the light of the moon (learn about it at Everyone presents a time of life. So, you can spend your time with great value. Sincerely hope that you will get real happiness.

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