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Best tantrik astrologer in santo domingo dominican republic

A reading of the unconscious…

The source of our difficulties is often found in the imprints inscribed in our psyche in the form of unconscious “beliefs”. These beliefs, generated in childhood by the relationship to our family environment, shape the representation we have of ourselves and the world says Best tantrik astrologer in santo domingo dominican republic.

In tireless fidelity to this childish heritage, we repeat inappropriate behaviors, and live our existence according to fixed scenarios which respect neither our real identity nor the truth of the moment. The discrepancy between our choices of life and our deep, forgotten aspirations manifests itself more particularly during the inevitable crises which mark out our existence. Reading a Natal Theme at in the light of Structural Astrology makes it possible to decipher precisely the traces of this past that we are constantly updating. It thus helps us to live these crises as privileged moments of growth and maturation.

… And a spiritual vision

Beyond the realization of our legitimate desires – relating to our professional, material or emotional life – unavoidable questions of another order arise: what is the real purpose of our incarnation? What “project” does Life push us to achieve? What is our ultimate vocation? Best tantrik astrologer in santo domingo dominican republic helps us to move towards our response, Structural Astrology promotes the fulfillment of our destiny at its highest level.

An effective astrology

The effectiveness of Structural Astrology is based on the use of a single frame of reference which organizes all the traditional symbolism in a coherent structure. This gives both a clear vision of the meanings of each symbol, and the why of these meanings.

Available on several levels of reading at, this repository allows Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala to adapt to the consultant’s questioning and guide him towards a change of level, thus promoting a step back and a new look at what he is experiencing. . Building on current theories of psychology and psychoanalysis, Structural Astrology has also developed the meaning of traditional symbols and the scope of known techniques.

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