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Best tantrik or astrologer in barasat

Its name already says it all: “Harmonica”. This astrological complement allows Best tantrik/astrologer in barasat to interpret and understand harmoniously, to balance the energies of the planets in our favor. Avoiding situations or channeling them to a sense in which they affect us in a balanced way. In a consultation of harmonic flowers at, you will find answers not only for specific dates and situations that you will know in advance how to face or enjoy, as the case may be. You will also be able to know when you are experiencing karmic moments in your life, or the chances of a relationship starting, or if it is an ideal time to look for or request changes at work. Those are just some of the examples:

  • Birth chart: all your life
  • Solar Revolution: year you live from the moment of your birthday;
  • Lunar Revolution: month to month.

The logic of karma

You will be able to know the trend, the moment of life that these, what you have to learn or overcome what you cannot avoid, the opportunities that you have to take advantage of, among other topics through the knowledge of an expert astrologer Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala.

We are part of a great universal clock that each of us, as a small piece of gear, is necessary for everything to be running. In our lives we have characters or circumstances that fulfill a certain role. Sometimes the person or setting changes. With harmonic astrology at, you can understand what your role is and how the universe works in you, harmonizing your life from the moment you are born to the present and understanding how you should assume your future.

Psychoastrology: astrology for the 21st century

Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala says that our life has a destiny, but only we can decide to live it in harmony.   You need a change for this to happen: “Feel your life in balance with your inner being and the universe to which we belong.”

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