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Best tantrik astrologer in MONROVIA LIBERIA

Astrologers divided the zodiac belt into twelve equal parts and each part with a length of 30 degrees was called the zodiac sign. Their names are the same as those of the zodiac constellations (Libra, Pisces, etc.).

Best tantrik astrologer in MONROVIA LIBERIA divide the sky into 12 sectors – the so-called houses. These houses cover the whole sky – both its visible hemisphere (above the horizon), and the invisible, which is closed to observation by the Earth.

 If we draw an imaginary circle in the sky through the east and west points on the horizon, and also through the point above our head – zenith, then on this circle the houses will be presented as sectors with a solution again of 30 degrees. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala say that houses control different aspects of a person’s life and even parts of his body.

Why is the moment of birth so important for astrology?

For many, astrology just seems to be an exact science because it uses the exact time of a person’s birth for its predictions – almost up to a second. Often, when a horoscope does not want to come true, Best tantrik astrologer in MONROVIA LIBERIA argue that the inaccuracy of the forecast is due to the fact that the exact moment of a person’s birth is unknown, as if a few seconds or hours would radically change his character or fate. You can get more information on

Many centuries ago, when astrology actually appeared, it was believed that it was the moment of birth that was the moment of the beginning of a new life. Today we know that in fact a new life begins much earlier – at the time of fertilization.  You can take appointment from astrologer from

As for birth, this process is rather random. Depending on external factors, childbirth can begin earlier or later, and the spread in time can reach several weeks!  We understand, and biologists and doctors confirm this, that by the time of birth, the baby was already fully formed in the womb. And if he is born several hours (or days, and even more minutes or seconds) sooner or later, then Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala tell  his personal qualities are unlikely to change due to the mythical influence of some planet.

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