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Best tantrik astrologer in copenhagen denmark

Astrology is scientific because its methodology has to be learned and it has clear terminology. And because it is not primarily based on intuition and certainly not on psychic abilities. It also has a systematic structure – a horoscope at is based on mathematically complex and exact calculations. But in terms of its main achievement, astrology cannot be called scientific because it interprets a system of symbols. It is much closer to all creative disciplines than an exact science. Rather, the interpretation of a horoscope is more of an art. Intellectual and rational skills are not sufficient for this. Why is that? This is because of what needs to be interpreted, the symbols.

Astrology is based on the basic idea that there is a connection between the cosmos and man says Best tantrik astrologer in copenhagen denmark. This has not (so far) been scientifically proven. Can you therefore deny any scientific work? No! Such premises also exist in other sciences.

 The strictest of all sciences, physics, presupposes the mathematical description of the world. Modern physics would not be conceivable without this requirement. That a discipline like astrology works with prerequisites that it cannot prove would not be an argument in itself to call it unscientific.

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala at astrology cannot be called scientific, because its instruments, the symbols, defy common scientific criteria. A symbol has three important properties:

A symbol always has an excess of meaning. Best tantrik astrologer in copenhagen Denmark cannot list all the meanings of a symbol because a symbol has an extremely large number of meanings. For the moonif a lot of people try to interpret it, there will probably be a lot more interpretations. Sometimes, however, it is enough to limit a symbol to only one property, one that is emotionally and emotionally important to me.

The narrowness or the breadth of its interpretation? The answer is: both. A symbol is characterized by both the concise and the detailed form of its interpretation by Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. The concise, concise form of interpretation can be read as a kind of password: it opens the door to a world of complex images.

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