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Best tantrik astrologer in minsk belarus

Astrology today divides humanity into two large camps (see at Some ardently believe that it is quackery and swindle, others with foam at the mouth prove that it is a deep science, tested for millennia. It is clear that such an object cannot but have great significance for humanity.

Any community of people in their worldview is based on some generally accepted beliefs and traditions. In ancient Greece, the main principles of spiritual life were animism, anthropocentrism and fatalism.

The stars were the so-called astral spirits. And actually these spirits also led events on the earth. Animism in time goes back, most likely, to the initials of the existence of social consciousness in general, that is, it is lost somewhere beyond the borders of history. And accompanies humanity in one form or another today. The bright development of animism is shamanism. And, Best tantrik astrologer in minsk Belarus know today, two very significant civilizations in the history of mankind are the development of shamanism.

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala one of the main components of classical astrology is the zodiac. This is a set of some animals that control our lives. They are simply associated with a specific phase of the movement of the Sun or Jupiter (in the East). And the presence of animal spirits addresses us directly to shamanism. To various spirits-protectors and other “evil spirits.” And the presence of the zodiac, from a scientific point of view, tells Best tantrik astrologer in minsk belarus only about the existence of a classification of people of that time into various types, somehow overlapping with the habits of certain animals. And these types were later attached to certain phases of the movement of the bodies.

Most believe that astrology is pseudoscience and superstition. However, in reality, no self-respecting scientist will consider this issue seriously. After all, the subject of astrology is some mysterious influence of astral spirits on human destiny says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala. Zodiacal astrology developed into the classical one at, when each planet, falling under the influence of one or another sign, changes its influence on a person.

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