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Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Khajoori Khas

Differences between astronomy and astrology?

Conversely, astrology cannot be practiced without astronomical knowledge, and astrology makes its predictions based on the known constellations. And even if you only want to give away one star, a few basic skills are advantageous.

 According to Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Khajoori Khas In the Middle Ages, astrology and astronomy were understood as sub-areas of the same science. On the one hand, astrology was not yet unscientific and, on the other hand, was not yet as much separated from religion as it is today. ?

Predictions for science, politics, and religion were made based on the star interpretation, and even popes used these predictions.

The birth of the Jesus is announced by a star here too, and there is still no distinction between religion and astrology.  Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala is well recognised astrologer who provides all kind of services.

The signs of the zodiac were created based on an assignment to constellations in ancient times. As the saying goes, the world has continued to turn. These constellations have shifted by about 30 degrees since then a constellation is a group of 5 to 20 stars, which are usually assigned to an animal or a mythological figure. So the same applies here: even then, science used mythology and the theory of interpretation, and vice versa as well.. To know more visit

Create your horoscope on the computer

Best Tantrik aghori Astrologer in Khajoori Khas believes that the position of the stars at the moment of birth affects all of life. Based on date and place of birth, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala create personal horoscope can be to evaluate the current star constellation at any time. What used to be tedious on paper can now be done quickly with the right software.  A program in this category introduces you to the depths of astrology and provides information about the sign of the zodiac and the interaction of the planets. Purely astrological programs are supplemented by software from related disciplines, for example, for the placement of tarot cards. Just visit on

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