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Best tantrik astrologer in BERN SWITZERLAND

Why does horoscope read differently depending on the person who is reading it

It is natural for people to read the stars differently, but for strangers, it may be a question. Indeed, the operation of the planet, which is the origin of Western astrology, has an astronomical calendar.

Best tantrik astrologer in BERN SWITZERLAND read stars based on the progression of planets in the solar system, strictly speaking, there are various kinds of ephemeris.

When you show the astronomical calendar with the symbols of planets and constellations, everyone says, it’s like a train timetable, but it’s very complicated. A horoscope at, which is a map of a star, is a clip of the operation of such a star at a certain point on the ground at a particular time.

According to Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala when reading the ephemeris, for example, the part Uranus enters Taurus on last month is the same no matter who reads it. Also, the part Taurus has excellent five senses and richness, and even if there are some differences in how to choose words depending on the person, this is also for everyone who is learning astrology most likely they share the same concept.

However, this is something Best tantrik astrologer in BERN SWITZERLAND wrote in their e-mail magazine Weekly horoscope paid, but when Uranus entered Taurus, from the given environment. The part of the interpretation such as you will be independent and will be given not only by yourself but by yourself will be the first-star reading because it was written from the idea of the astronomical calendar. The appearance, Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala has changed slightly. Over the next year, you will describe the nature of each constellation, so you hope you enjoy it. It is sure to be useful, such as how to interact with the people around you.

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