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Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Ratlam

Modern science is increasingly accepting the subject of medical astrology, but is it true that medicine is also related to the moon, the sun, the zodiac and the entire galaxy? The answer is yes. Medical Astrology studies our conditions and physical characteristics. According to Vashikaran specialist best tantrik astrologer in Ratlam, everything around us influences our life because we are not isolated beings.

Diagnostics in all branches of medicine are very intuitive. Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala recognize that medical astrology is related to our biological clock. The environment in which we develop influences your health.


Sun: the heart, arteries, blood circulation, back, spine, spinal cord, the right eye of men and the left eye of women.

Moon: stomach, digestion, chest, breasts, fertilization and reproduction organs, uterus, ovaries, glands, membranes, mucosa, secretion, lymph, milk, the right eye of the woman and the left eye of the man.

Mercury: nervous system, shoulders, arms and hands, ears, tongue, airways, breathing, and intestines. Learn about it at

Venus: throat and organs in it, breasts, kidneys, internal genitalia, kidney, liver and glandular system, veins, humoral secretions and transformative functions.

Mars: head, face, brain nervous system, vascular blood glands, red blood cells, genitourinary system, bile, muscles and the right ear.

Jupiter: hips, thighs, feet, flanks, adrenal glands, liver, lungs, heart muscles, bladder muscle, diaphragm, and blood vessels, particularly arteries and arterial blood says Bhoktibhikshu Dr. Abhay Bala.

Saturn: the skeleton, bones, cartilage, particularly those of the knees, joints, teeth, hair, nails, skin, bladder, spleen, and right ear.

Uranus: blood circulation, nervous system, ankles, calves, and hormones.

Neptune: influence on the nervous system, glands, mucous membranes and liquid secretion.

Pluto: Excretory system. Know more about it at specialist best tantrik astrologer in Ratlam agree that astrology can play an interesting role in preventive medicine, in future medicine. It allows us to locate the type of planetary energy that can have difficulty manifesting and that therefore generates possibilities of causing disease.

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